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near Bowes, Co. Durham, England

Bowes Castle is situated in the village of Bowes in County Durham. The ruins of the keep are all that remains, and the ruins are now managed by English Heritage, a body responsible for protecting the historical environment

The castle was built around 1136 on the site of an old Roman fort guarding the Stainforth Pass through the Pennines. The castle was built by Alan, Count of Brittany, but after the death of Alan's son, ownership of the castle passed to the crown. King Henry II built a massive stone keep in the 1170s. In 1173 Bowes Castle was attacked and damaged by King William I of Scotland. The castle was besieged in 1322 in a local feud, and the castle fell into ruin.

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Bowes Castle. Originally a Norman earth and timber ringwork and bailey fortress, founded by Alan, count of Brittany. Built within the Roman fort of Lavatrae and divided into two baileys by a wide L-shaped ditch, it guards the Stainmore pass.

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