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Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Lincoln Castle is situated 37 miles north of Nottingham, in Lincoln city centre near the cathedral.

Today's castle comprises of two mottes; one with an observation tower, the other a 12th century shell keep and curtain wall, a Georgian building within the bailey, an eastern gatehouse with two round 13th century turrets protected by a barbican and a large western gatehouse with barbican.

The castle is open daily all year from 10am.

Visitors may explore alone or take one of the guided tours of the castle site when one of the castle's volunteers will talk about the history of both the castle and its occupants. Other possibilities include a walk along the length of the curtain wall; offering fantastic views of the cathedral, city and surrounding countryside, a visit to the prison including the women's wing and the chapel along with an exhibition which includes the rare opportunity to see one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta sealed by king John in 1215.

There is also a cafe and shop on site.

The first castle was built on the site for William the Conqueror in 1068 on the site of a Roman fortress with the original wooden structure being later replaced by a stone castle.

Lincoln Castle is unusual in that it is only one of two surviving castles to have two mottes; the other being Lewes Castle in East Sussex. It saw combat in both the 1st and 2nd Battles of Lincoln, following the first battle the 'Lucy Tower' was built and after the second battle, and the signing of the Magna Carta, new barbicans were added to the east and west gates.

In 1787 a prison was built on the site and until 1868 inmates were publicly hanged in the north east tower. In 1878 the prison was relocated to another site when the castle was left unoccupied.

Lincolnshire County Council now own the castle.

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Tattershall Castle
Castle East Gate. Inner aspect of the east gateway to Lincoln Castle, early 19th century romanticism in style.

Photograph by Richard Croft. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Tattershall Castle
Lincoln Castle, West Gate. William I built a castle at Lincoln in 1068. the Norman West Gate stands on the site of the west gate to the Roman upper town and is still one of only two ways in or out of the castle.

Photograph by Richard Croft. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

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