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near Framlingham, Suffolk, England

Framlingham Castle is located in the market town of Framlingham in Suffolk on a bluff overlooking the River Ore.

The castle is a motte and bailey style castle made up of an inner court, a lower court and a Bailey. The site is surrounded by farmland. Visitors to the castle enter the "Bailey from the southern end where the car park is located. The inner court is reached via a bridge built in the 15th century which replace the earlier drawbridge. The Inner Court has a stone curtain wall about 14m high. There is a wall walk around the top of the wall and towers. On onside of the inner court is the poorhouse built in the 17th and 18th centuries. There a well about 30m deep in the centre of the Inner Court. One of the to lakes or meres still exists on the western side of the castle.

Framlingham Castle has cafe, toilets, parking (free for members), museum, exhibition. Visitors can also enjoy the gardens and walks around the castle grounds. The castle also hosts various events such as falconry, medieval reenactments

The original castle of the site was a Norman motte and bailey castle built in the 12th century. It was destroyed by Henry II after the uprising of 1174. A replacement castle was built on the same site. The replacement had a curtain wall with thirteen towers to defend the enclosure, but there was no central keep. The castle was subsequently besieged and captured by King John in 1216. The castle evolved into a prestigious home with extensive gardens and parkland, with two artificial lakes built beside the castle.

The castle fell into disrepair in the 16th century. The castle was given to Pembroke College who built a workhouse on the grounds. During the Second World War, the castle was used as part of the defenses against a German invasion. It is now managed by English Heritage and protected as a scheduled monument.

The Arts
The 2017 song, "Castle on the Hill" by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran refers to Framlingham Castle in Sheeran's home town.

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Castle wall as seen from its walk

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Orford Castle
Framlingham Castle entrance

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Orford Castle
Framlingham Castle as seen from across the Mere Framlingham Suffolk.

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