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Glinsk, County Galway, Ireland

Glinsk Castle is situated in the River Suck valley about 4 miles south east of Ballymoe and 4 miles north west of Creggs village in County Galway.

The Castle is rectangular in plan with two square towers projecting from the southern side. It has three storeys and a raised basement. The main entrance way was on the first storey on the south side, between the two towers. The roof has gone, but was gabled with an attic. The interior walls and floors have gone. One of the most impressive features remaining are the prominent chimney stacks in the end walls. Each chimney stack has five tall shafts. The mullioned windows give the castle an elegant appearance more in keeping with a luxurious home than a traditional castle. Glinsk Castle did have defensive features such as gun loops, bartizans and high basements. The main door and the basement windows have gunloops at either side. It also used to have a surrounding defensive bawn wall with turrets, most of which has gone.

Glinsk Castle is accessible to the public, and a key may be obtained from the house near the castle. Access is signposted. The castle is now a National Monument.

Also in the area you will find the ruins of Ballinakill Abbey, built in the early 1700s. There is a 60 mile long walking trail nearby along the River Suck valley.

Glinsk Castle was one of the last defensive castles to be built in Ireland, and shows the architecture transition from traditional fortified castle to a residential castellated house. It as built as a fortified tower house around in the mid 17th century, and was the home of Sir Ulick Burke, the Baronet of Glinsk. The castle was destroyed by fire in ??, and is now a well preserved ruin.

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