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Aghadoe, County Kerry, Ireland

The ruins of Parkavonear Castle stand on Aghadoe Hill in Aghadoe, Ireland, and overlook the lakes of Killarney.

Parkavonear is unusual for an Irish castle because it is circular instead of rectangular. Only the stone structure of this castle is standing today. A staircase joins its two remaining storeys, and the first storey still has the ruin its fireplace. The interior space spans several metres, and the walls are two metres thick. The remnants of a square earthworks wall stand around its keep, and a moat with two ditches surrounds it.

The castle is open and accessible to the public.

Built in the 13th century, Parkavonear Castle was erected after the 1169 invasion of Ireland by Anglo-Norman forces. It once had a church on its grounds. The castle's original entrance was on an upper floor, so that the ladder used to access it could be withdrawn for battle. However, another entrance was made in its lower floor at a later date. The structure also once included wooden floors and a wooden roof, although these rotted and were removed.

Not much is known about its history, except that it has traditionally been called 'The Bishop's Chair' or 'The Bishop's Pulpit' by locals.

Its name is derived from the Irish for 'field of a meadow', which is pairc an mhoineir. It is sometimes spelled 'Parkvonear', though the local spelling uses the 'a'.

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Parkavonear Castle, Aghadoe

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