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Dardistown, County Meath, Ireland

Dardistown Castle is situated in picturesque parkland south of Drogheda, not far from the M1 in County Meath, and only 30 minutes from Dublin airport.

The castle is a large four storey medieval tower house extended with the addition of a Victorian frontage. The tower is square with sides about 44 feet long, and a turret at each corner. The main arched entrance to the tower is now blocked. The main entrance is now on the south side.

The ground floor of the tower contains the main room with vaulted smaller rooms in three of the four turrets. The fourth turret contains a spiral staircase, which is unusual in that it ascends anti-clockwise. The tower is 50 feet high. All the upper floors have wooden ceilings. There is a fireplace on the west wall of each main room on every level. The corner turrets are higher than the rest of the tower, and the staircase turret leads to a parapet walk. The turrets also have a small flight of stairs leading to the turret roof.

The top two floors of this tower house are available as an apartment for rent as short term accommodation. The entry to the apartment is through a barrel-vaulted basement games room and up an original spiral stone staircase. The main room of the apartment features a stone fireplace, and chandelier hanging over a beautiful round table. The original stone work has been repointed. Off the main room is the sitting and dining area, with fully-equipped kitchen in one turret. The first bathroom with large bath occupies another turret. A third turret has wooden stairs up to the next level with two bedrooms and the second bathroom. The bedrooms are furnished with charming furniture and fittings.

The Castle is open to the public on some Thursdays and Saturdays, but the actual dates it is open varies from month to month. Check with the castle web site before planning your visit.

Dardistown Castle was built as a medieval tower house by John Cornwalsh in 1465. The castle was extended in the 16th century by Dame Genet Sarsfield, who added a new entrance and other extensions. The battle of Julianstown in 1641 is said to have been fought on the front lawn of Dardistown Castle; Richard Talbot occupied the castle at that time. The castle later passed to the Osborne family occupied it until recent times.

The front hall, drawing room and dining room were built around 1750. The upper floors were built more recently with the back added around 1800 and the front built in 1860. The main Drogheda to Dublin road was moved around 1800, and is now several hundred yards from the Castle, giving the castle a more secluded setting.

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Swords Castle
Dardistown Castle - medieval Tower House at Dardistown

Photograph by Kieran Campbell. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

Swords Castle
Dardistown Castle, County Meath

Photograph by Kieran Campbell. Some rights reserved.  (view image details)

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