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near Wick, Highland, Scotland

Ackergill Tower (also known as Ackergill Castle) is located in Wick, Caithness. The castle was originally a five storey tower house. It has now been converted to a luxury hotel and business venue. There are 25 bedrooms, with 17 in the Castle, the rest in the Keepers, Old Laundry, Garden House and Smiddy.

The castle was originally built in the 15th century by clan Keith. In 1547, the Sinclairs of Sinclair & Girnigoe Castle attacked and captured the castle. Mary the Regent (wife of James V) returned Ackergill Tower to the Keiths, and appointed Lord Oliphant as keeper of Ackergill. The Sinclairs again captured the castle in 1556. Ackergill was recaptured by the Keiths in the late 1590s. The Sinclairs bought the castle in 1612 before surrendering it to Sir Robert Gordon in 1623. Oliver Cromwell may have used Ackergill Castle in 1651 as a barracks. Ackergill was bought by Sir William Dunbar in 1699. The Dunbars extensively renovated the castle began extensive renovations, including an extension to the tower. It remained in the Dunbars family until 1986, when it was sold and converted to a hotel and business venue.

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Ackergill Tower

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View along Ackergill Links beach to Ackergill Tower

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