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near East Linton, Lothian, Scotland

Hailes Castle is situated about 1.5 miles south west of East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland. This castle belonged to the Hepburn family. The major remaining structure is the West Tower, and also the smaller remains of the central tower. Other remains include a roofless chamber that may have been a chapel, a vaulted basement bakehouse and brewhouse. Only a finger of stonework remains of the East Tower. Hailes Castle has been owned by the state since 1926, and it is administered by Historic Scotland.

The castle was originally built as a fortified tower house by Hugo de Gourlay in the 14th century. The de Gourlays supported the English in the Wars of Independence, and their land was forfeited and the castle and lands were given was given to Sir Adam de Hepburn. One of his descendents Sir Patrick Hepburn extended the castle in the 15th century building a large square tower to the west of the original castle, and a lower tower to the East. The thick curtain wall of the castle may date back to the 13th century.

The castle was attacked by Archibald Dunbar in 1443 resulting in the massacre of the castle's inhabitants. In 1547 Lord Grey of Wilton occupied it for the English in 1547. In 1567 Mary Queen of Scots visited Hailes Castle. Oliver Cromwell partly destroyed the castle in 1650 after the battle of Dunbar. It later passed into the hands of the Stewarts, the Setons, and finally, in 1700, the Dalrymple of Hailes family. By the mid-19th century the castle was being used as a granary.

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Wedderburn Castle
Hailes is one of the oldest stone castles surviving in Scotland

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Wedderburn Castle
Hailes Castle - remains of the West Tower and the Great Hall

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Wedderburn Castle
Hailes Castle

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