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Youghal, County Cork, Ireland

Tynte's Castle is located on Main Street in the centre of the town of Youghal, in County Cork.

It is a four storey tower house standing about 50 feet high. There used to be several of these urban tower houses in Youghal, but this the only one remaining. Another example of this type of urban tower house is Desmond Castle in Kinsale.

Tynte's Castle was built by the Walshes, a wealthy merchant family, in the late 15th century. The Walshes were part of a merchant organisation who built fortified houses and stores (urban tower houses) to protect their interests. The Walshes were dispossessed in 1584 after the Desmond Rebellion in the 16th century (1579-1583). The castle was taken over by the crown and leased to Sir Robert Tynte. The castle was used as a secure store and residential accommodation by Tynte, who worked as an administrator for the Office of the Sheriff of Cork. The lower floors would probably have been used for storage with the residential quarters above.

Oliver Cromwell's army entered Youghal in 1649 and stayed over winter. It is not clear what role the castle played during Cromwell's stay, but presumably was occupied by supporters of the Parliamentarians. There was a failed attempt to burn down the castle in 1689 while it was being used as a prison for Cromwell supporters during the reign of James II.

The castle remained in the Tynte family until it was sold in 1866. During the 19th century, the building was converted into a grain store, but by the 1850s, it was falling into disrepair. In 1866, the Tynte family sold the castle to William Raymond Fitzmaurice. The castle was acquired by the McCarthy Family in the 1950s, who have undertaken many repairs over the last fifty years including capping the parapet wall, replacing the parapet walkway, and repairing shutters and windows.

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Tynte's Castle, Youghal, Cork

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