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near Newton, Highland, Scotland

Castle Stuart is located on the Moray Firth near Inverness, about 20 minutes drive from Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle. The castle was completed in 1625.The current owner, Charles Stuart, spent 15 years renovating the castle, which had been roofless, for 300 years. The castle is a tower house with two circular towers linked by a central block. Inside, the furniture has been crafted from 400-year-old oak. The castle has been fully restored and offers luxury accommodation. The entire castle or eight individual bedrooms may be reserved.

Mary Queen of Scots gave the castle land to her half-brother, James Stuart in 1561, and granted him the title "Earl of Moray". Castle Stuart was finally completed in 1625 by James Stuart the 3rd Earl of Moray. When Oliver Cromwell rose to power in England, the Stuart family lost their king, Charles the First. Castle Stuart then fell into decline and became a ruin for almost 300 years. The castle is not far from Culloden Moor, where the last failed attempt to restore the exiled Stuart kings to the British throne took place.

The castle web site sells a book about The Mystery of Castle Stuart. The story goes that sometime long ago, the Earl of Moray was looking for someone to spend the night in Three-Turret Haunted Bedroom at the top of the East Tower to prove to everyone that it was not haunted. A local poacher took up the offer ... and was found dead in the courtyard the next morning ...

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Urquhart Castle
Castle Stuart

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Urquhart Castle
Castle Stuart viewed from the west, across Castle Stuart Bay

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