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near Milngavie, Glasgow, Scotland

Mugdock Castle is located in Mugdock Country Park, just west of the village of Mugdock. The castle is within Stirling council area, although it is on the northern outskirts of Glasgow. The castle had four towers arranged around a courtyard, joined by a high curtain walls. The main gate was in the middle of the south wall. The castle was built on a natural mound of volcanic rock, at the west edge of Mugdock Loch. Only the south-west tower of the original castle remains complete. The tower is four storeys tall with an entrance on the first floor, accessed via exterior steps. The basement is vaulted, with a single room on each storey. The two upper storeys are corbelled out from the lower levels. The only other remains are the basement of the north-west tower, part of the gatehouse, and linking sections of curtain wall.

The castle was extended in the mid-15th century with an outer wall built to enclose the original castle. This outer courtyard had its main entrance next to the south-west tower. Inside the courtyard are the ruins of various stone buildings, mainly dating from the 16th century. Most of the outer curtain wall has disappeared.

The lands now form part of Mugdock Country Park, and the ruins are publicly accessible. The remaining tower has been renovated as a museum. The castle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Category A listed building.

Mugdock Castle was built in the mid 14th century and was owned by the Grahams (who later became the Earls of Montrose). During the 17th century, Mugdock Castle was partly destroyed. In 1660, following the defeat of King Charles I, Montrose was executed (Montrose was the King's commander in Scotland). Mugdock was handed to the Marquess of Argyll. In 1661 Argyll was executed, and Mugdock went back to the Grahams. The Grahams restored the castle building a new mansion house within the old castle walls. In 1875, the mansion was demolished, and a Scottish baronial style house was built inside the ruins of the old castle. Much of the eastern part of the original castle was destroyed at that time. During World War II the house was used by the government, and was demolished in 1967. In 1981 the castle and grounds were donated to Central Regional Council.

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Stirling Castle
Mugdock Castle tower

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Stirling Castle
Original portcullis, Mugdock Castle

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Stirling Castle
Mugdock Castle: Victorian boiler

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